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1. What would you like to sell ?

It doesn’t really matter what you are considering selling. We receive a wide range of objects of all ages and across many categories, everything from art and antiques to toys, jewellery and vintage fashion.


2. What is it worth?

Bring the object you would like to be valued to The Auction Hub, or email us an image. If it is large or cumbersome, you can show us photographs or specialists can visit you at home. You can have your items valued free of charge using the valuation tab.


3. Valuation and appraisal

The experienced specialists at The Auction Hub will value the objects before they are presented for sale. Together you will agree a reserve price, below which the object will not be sold. If the reserve price is not achieved, the object will be relisted for sale.


4. The object is catalogued

The specialist study the object thoroughly and write an informative description together with a condition report, covering maker, artist, the year of manufacture, and any known provenance.


5. The object is photographed

The auctioneer’s professional photographer takes multiple photographs of your object, from different angles to give an all round impression. The buyer therefore feels fully informed and confident in bidding up to their maximum price.


6. Publishing online

Your object, together with detailed images and cataloguing, is uploaded to auctionet.com. Auctionet has more then 400 000 clients and is viewed by more than one million individual visitors every month. This wide client base helps objects in a niche collecting area find the right buyer and likewise popular items reach a larger audience.


7. Going, going, gone!

When the auction has started you can follow the bidding in real time, through the Auctionet app or on the webpage. After the auction has closed, you will receive a detailed report via email. The open bidding and the clearly stated commission fees keep buyers and sellers informed and up to date throughout the process.


8. The object finds a new home

The successful bidder is contacted and pays the stated final price to the auctioneer.  Auctions at Auctionet run every day of the year and the process is completed swiftly from consignment through to selling.


9. You receive payment

As a seller, you will receive your proceeds approximately 25 days from the close of the auction.


10. Vendor’s Commission

We charge a vendors commission of 15% plus VAT. In addition each sold lot is subject to a £5 plus VAT Lot fee. There are no unsold lot fees.


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